János Pilinszky (1921-1981) “Forbidden Star”

Born on a banished star
I wander exiled on the shore.
The spume of the void snaps me up,
Toys with me, and chucks me back.

What is it I’m repenting for?
My ears are filled with cryptic buzz.
May all who find me on this shore,
This sunken shore, flee not. Remain.

Be not afeared and shun me not,
But soothe my suffering instead.
Close your eyes and hold me fast,
Hold me boldly, like a knife.

Be reckless: see me as your own
The way the dead regard the night,
Prop my weak shoulder on your own
As I can hardly bear it now.

My birth I never asked for.
Nothingness bore me, suckled me.
Now give me dark and ruthless love
As the abandoned living love their dead.


(Hungarian original here )


About ophis

All photographs on abstractbudapest and all translations on onewideexpanse by Jim Tucker, and may be freely shared. Please include a link to this page. If you would like a TIFF file for enlarged printing, just drop me an email.
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3 Responses to János Pilinszky (1921-1981) “Forbidden Star”

  1. Nora Singer says:

    nice and sad and gyönyörű

  2. Ashera says:

    obscenely beautiful

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