Endre Ady (1877-1919) , The Fall Sets Foot in Paris

Yesterday in Paris the fall snuck in
Skittering down the Boul’ Mich’ soundlessly
In dog-day heat, beneath unmoving limbs
And met with me.

I was mid-stroll aiming at the Seine
With little song-twigs burning in my mind,
Smoky ones and strange and sad and purple ones
Telling of my death.

The fall caught up to me and whispered something strange
And Saint-Michel quivered deep down under
Screaming as the prankster leaves
Clattered up the Boulevard.

All in a moment: the summer caught full unawares
But fall had already cackled its way away
Out of town. I and only I had known
Its footfall here, beneath the moaning limbs.


About ophis

All photographs on abstractbudapest and all translations on onewideexpanse by Jim Tucker, and may be freely shared. Please include a link to this page. If you would like a TIFF file for enlarged printing, just drop me an email.
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