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All photographs on abstractbudapest and all translations on onewideexpanse by Jim Tucker, and may be freely shared. Please include a link to this page. If you would like a TIFF file for enlarged printing, just drop me an email.

Endre Ady (1877-1919) , The Fall Sets Foot in Paris

Yesterday in Paris the fall snuck in Skittering down the Boul’ Mich’ soundlessly In dog-day heat, beneath unmoving limbs And met with me. I was mid-stroll aiming at the Seine With little song-twigs burning in my mind, Smoky ones and … Continue reading

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Imre Ámos (1907-1944/45?)

An ancestor of mine herdsman of Tekoa held in his burning hand a loud shrill pipe On entering town his heart would flame up red his words scorch every senseless crime every whiff of cruelty His tongue he sharpened on … Continue reading

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István Domonkos (1940- ) “Broken Rudder”

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Noémi László (1973- ) “High Shadow”

That first surgery wasn’t one. There stood mother, all I feared. After the fall I checked the wound, And left it in the mirror’s memory. I never made it all the way round morning. Sometimes noon would take till midnight. I … Continue reading

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Umberto Saba (1883-1957) “Ulysses”

    In younger days I sailed Dalmatia’s coast: Budding islands capped the crest of waves, where now And then a bird would hover, fixed on prey; Seaweed-wrapped and slippery, lovely as emeralds in the sun. When high tide and … Continue reading

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Mihály Babits (1883-1941), “Evening Question”

As evening’s soft blanket, smooth silken blanket of blackness spread out by some monumental nursemaid slowly envelops its beloved earth and with such care that each single blade of grass stands straight up in its gentle wrap and not a wrinkle frights the … Continue reading

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János Pilinszky (1921-1981) “Forbidden Star”

Born on a banished star I wander exiled on the shore. The spume of the void snaps me up, Toys with me, and chucks me back. What is it I’m repenting for? My ears are filled with cryptic buzz. May all … Continue reading

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