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Endre Ady (1877-1919) , The Fall Sets Foot in Paris

Yesterday in Paris the fall snuck in Skittering down the Boul’ Mich’ soundlessly In dog-day heat, beneath unmoving limbs And met with me. I was mid-stroll aiming at the Seine With little song-twigs burning in my mind, Smoky ones and … Continue reading

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Imre Ámos (1907-1944/45?)

An ancestor of mine herdsman of Tekoa held in his burning hand a loud shrill pipe On entering town his heart would flame up red his words scorch every senseless crime every whiff of cruelty His tongue he sharpened on … Continue reading

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István Domonkos (1940- ) “Broken Rudder”

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János Pilinszky (1921-1981) “Forbidden Star”

Born on a banished star I wander exiled on the shore. The spume of the void snaps me up, Toys with me, and chucks me back. What is it I’m repenting for? My ears are filled with cryptic buzz. May all … Continue reading

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